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Garage Door Pro Cable Replacement – My Garage Door Repairman

Your garage door is composed of a number of components that work together to make the door move smoothly. Controlled door opening and closing is made possible by a cable and spring. There is a lot of tension on the springs. The door could slam down if the spring breaks, which could lead to injuries or property damage. In the event that the spring breaks, the cable will catch the door. Therefore, you should hire a garage door pro cable replacement expert like us to maintain your cable and its function. Our technicians are capable of resolving any issues with doors and ensuring that they work properly. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Garage Door Cable Types

Our cable installation services include a few different types. A spring system’s type determines how it works.

  • A torsion spring. Cables of this type are able to stop and lock from one end to the other. A cable is necessary for securing torsion springs.
  • An extension spring. Each side of the door has an extension spring. It is necessary to extend the spring cables due to their length.
  • A safety cable. In order to prevent damage or injury to extension springs, safety cables are installed.

Cables on a Garage Door Can Malfunction for a Variety of Reasons

Cables can fail due to the following reasons:

  • It is possible to wind cables incorrectly on drums. There is a possibility that the door will jam. A jammed door droops to one side, so we can tell if it has a jam. Aside from that, we have also observed that it is prone to drooping to one side.
  • It is also possible to unwind cables. It is likely that we will have to replace the cables with new ones.
  • There is a problem with the pulleys. Experiencing bad pulleys is not a solution.
  • Normal wear and tear can cause the cables to break. Your garage door will not function when this occurs. We will have to dismantle and replace the cable with new ones.
  • Cables are also prone to fraying. A cable is actually a woven network of small cables. This makes them susceptible to fraying, just like a string. There are many problems that can arise from frayed cables.

Broken Garage Door Pro Cable Replacement

Have you experienced a problem with your door cables? In that case, cables are extremely important and play a key role in keeping the door functioning smoothly and efficiently. Depending on the spring system used in your door, the size, length, and configuration of the cable will vary. A spring drives the door upward and downward through cables. When your cable breaks, your door will become inoperative and require garage door pro cable replacement or repair. We can repair or replace the cables with our experts who are properly trained and have the right tools to help you. All the time, we have a mobile van with garage door pro cable replacement service experts.

The Dangers of Repairing and Replacing Garage Door Cables

The repair and replacement of cables must be performed with extreme care, since they are a vital component of operations. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to have the proper tools and training. The handling of parts under immense tension requires the skills of a trained professional.

To fix a broken cable, you should contact a repair company rather than trying to do it yourself.

Is It Necessary to Repair Garage Door Cables?

Metal door cables are typically strong and made from metal. However, due to the way they are positioned within the mechanism, their flexibility allows them to be continuously passed around the drum or passed through the pulley system. As a result, they are more likely to break.

Cables are subject to severe wear and tear, just like most parts of the door. They eventually weaken and break with time. Be sure to inspect your cables frequently for damage and ensure they are in good condition. Our team will evaluate any fraying signs you observe as soon as possible. In addition to rust, cables can also break due to corrosion. Garage doors can become dysfunctional if cables corrode from rust.

In the event that your door is unlevel, the cables need to be inspected. As a result of the torsion spring configuration, the cable usually causes it to be hindered in its movement. When the door moves downward, one side holds. Furthermore, cables may unwind completely from drums and require reconnecting. As the spring is under extreme tension, reconnecting cables is quite dangerous.

It is important to check the pulleys if the door is equipped with an extension spring system. When a pulley becomes worn out, cables cease to run smoothly. There will be an uneven surface or a gap between the door and the frame. It is possible that this means it is time to replace the pulley as it may have worn out.

Contact My Garage Door Repairman!

Contact My Garage Door Repairman if you need a new cable. If you need a new cable installed on your existing door, we can remove the current one and replace it. We can also offer garage door pro cable replacement, garage door keypad replacement, and garage door belt replacement in Dallas, TX. Contact us now.

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